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Food Freedom
Event date: September 29, 2015 1:00 pm to 2:30 pm
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Contact Name: Sue Eull
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Food Freedom will occur weekly
Food Freedom
Breaking Free From Problematic Eating

Have you ever turned to food to deal with your emotions?
Do you often say tomorrow will be different - but nothing seems to change?
Did your health improve and then you fell off the proverbial wagon?
Do you have trigger foods?

Are you ready to make peace with food? In the Food Freedom Program, you will walk through twelve modules to closely look at what is keeping you stuck in the destructive cycle of problematic eating.

The twelve session program is designed to take you through a proven method. You will follow a bi-weekly schedule that focuses on specific elements from each module while allowing for the time between sessions to explore and implement elements from each module.

Pleased to offer TWO tracks for this introductory program. Included in the introductory rate are 12 ninety-minute group sessions with email support in between sessions. 

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