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                                        Health and wellness really are achievable goals given the right support and tools.

"I have loved working with Sue at Eull's Health Coaching. I would highly recommend her and the company's program of Mind, Body, and Spirit."

I was at a low point in my life where all the important aspects (physical, mental, and spiritual) were not in a good place and really weighing me down. That is when I was introduced to Sue at Eull's Health Coaching. It was through the program (journey I like to call it) that I have learned an abundant amount of health/dietary knowledge, have taken control of my life and with that comes an increase in confidence, a renewed spirit along with hope, and the strength to move my life forward and get out of the "pit" - which was how I was feeling about my life.

Having been diagnosed with Crohn's over 7 years ago, I had been taking medication all that time and often wondered about the adverse side effects/risks associated with the medication. I learned that if I would commit to making dietary changes I could feel better and get off the medication. I am happy to report that it has been over 4 months since I committed to following a "Gluten Free" diet and taking NO medications and feel great. I have experienced less than a handful of stomach/bowel issues this entire time and when I did I was able to trace it back to consuming gluten. Along the way, the program has provided me with many helpful nutrition tools and educational information all scaled to my needs.

Other areas Sue's coaching benefited me is the encouragement to see the value in me as an individual which has been a great confidence booster. Each of the many tools or resources Sue introduced seemed to fit perfectly with where I was on my journey and that was not by "chance". As my health coach, Sue was an awesome listener and then did the due diligence and homework and then brought to our next meeting the exact resource and guidance to aid in my journey. I highly recommend Eull's Health Coaching's services!

~Janet P.

"Looking back on my experience with cancer, I can see the hand God in a mighty way. He gifted me with hope through His word, events, and people. I believe God imparted wisdom to me through Sue Eull to help heal me of cancer. My wife and I are grateful to God for her incredible support and coaching."

I was diagnosed with Lymphoma In March. Shortly after, Sue joined my wife and me at our first visit with the oncologist and volunteered to take notes so we focus on our dialogue with the doctor. The doctor provided a lot of information and it wasn’t all clear. Given Sue’s nursing background and experience coaching cancer clients she was able to help us put it in perspective and recommend some optional paths for healing. I chose the path of using a combination of traditional medicine, chemo, and consuming predominately whole foods.

My obvious goal at this point was to be clear of cancer. Sue provided a variety of resources and testimonials that encouraged me to transform my diet. It was an eye-opener to understand how much America has modified its food to increase yield, shelf life, and taste. Further, I learned how we have used various chemicals to beautify and sterilize our surroundings. This knowledge made it justifiably simple to change my diet to predominately whole foods.

The results were amazing! My PET Scan showed that I was clear after only two chemo treatments. My oncologist said they don’t start to see scans clear until four treatments. I believe it was following the diet Sue recommended, but also I believe it was her encouragement and education at our regular meetings that were instrumental in my healing.

Also, I liked how she helped my wife and me anticipate the emotional responses to dealing with cancer. A key comment she made was “don’t obsess about figuring out the root cause of my cancer.” This helped me keep my mindset on the plan, not the problem.

Finally, Sue was also a sounding board. In our meetings, she made a point of inviting us to share our struggles and successes with the process. She could relate to our situation because of her close ties to cancer.

In short, Sue has a passion for people to learn how to use the right nutrition to overcome illness and live fulfilling lives. She is a wealth of knowledge and strikes a nice balance between empathy and accountability to help achieve your goals. What a blessing from God she is. I’m clear of cancer and have habits that will keep my body strong for life.

                                                                                                                                  ~ Scott F.

"I cannot say enough about what I have learned from Sue and how I've changed for the better!!! I have been pain-free for about 5 months now, lost my inflammation, feel terrific, my skin looks better, even my brain functions so much clearer, and I am about 20 pounds lighter!! The program is phenomenal and I'm deeply grateful for Sue Eull and her coaching!!!! This coaching program is highly recommended by me!!!!"

My top 3 goals upon choosing to work with Sue were to gain knowledge in regards to the foods I ate, to be pain-free, and to gain comprehension of my body to avoid surgery.

Sue changed my life, health, eating habits and perspective on all foods, additives, and preservatives and how they can harm our health, bodies and our minds. She was able to support me to work towards my goals through sharing tips and insights through in-depth conversations -  plus a variety of handouts geared towards what is good and bad for my body.  

I lost my inflammation and weight. I feel terrific and after 2 years of severe pain and episodes in the ER, now I’m pain-free. One of the biggest changes I’ve noticed is my flexibility and mobility has improved.

Recommend anyone with a leaky gut of any kind will benefit from working with Sue. I actually feel everyone would benefit from this type of health coaching support to live a happy and fulfilled life.

 Thank you for sharing and caring so much. “People” IT WORKS!! No Pills or Knives!!

                                                                                                                                       ~Wendy M.

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