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"But because it is effective, if harsh, agriculture adopted it instead, using it widely and legally for prevention of diseases in food animals. By the time medicine discovered it needed the drug back, resistance to colistin was already moving from agriculture into the human world."

Keep in mind that roughly 70% of antibiotics produced in the U.S. are used in our food supply for prevention of disease mainly due to CAFOs (concentrated animal feeding operations) ... not to treat disease in the animals. It is legal to do this without a prescription.

In humans by law, we are required to obtain a subscription from a medical doctor. Thankfully, many medical doctors have become more prudent with curtailing the overuse of antibiotics in their patient populations. An example of this trend is the treatment of ear infections in children. Doctors are now encouraged to wait it out to assess if the child's own immune system will clear the infection. Parents are sharing they use chiropractic care and/or natural remedies to effectively treat their children's ear infections.  

Encourage a discussion of preventive recommendations of any antibiotic with your doctor. Ask if it is really necessary or if it is just part of the general protocol for the medical procedure. Some common preventative usages are tooth extractions and minor surgical procedures. Suggest considering your overall health, specifically your immune system, when discussing the need with your doctor. Antibiotics used preventatively will alter the microbiome of the intestinal tract which may allow the overgrowth of harmful superbugs. It is widely believed up to 80% of the body's natural immunity is found in the gut. Maintaining a healthy intestinal system will be beneficial for your overall health.

"FDA must set clear targets for the reduction in antibiotic use. Otherwise, industry will continue to conduct business as usual, while the crisis of resistance continues to loom large and consumers pay the price." Keep Antibiotics Working 

It was only a matter of time before the ineffectiveness of some of the last line of defense antibiotics became useless in treating infections. Maintaining a healthy immune system is vital.